2018 Outpatient Reimbursement Changes in Wound Care

This presentation covers reimbursement information that is specific to the U.S. Please contact your local KCI representative for more information specific to your region.

Join our featured faculty as they highlight some 2018 wound care reimbursement updates, including documentation best practices for the policy changes in the outpatient setting. The discussion will include a 35 to 40 minute presentation followed by Q&A, across the following areas:

• Debridement

• Skin Substitutes

• Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (disposable and durable)

NOTE: Specific indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and safety information exist for KCI products. Please consult product instructions for use prior to application.

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Animesh Bhatia, DPM.

Animesh Bhatia, DPM

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Amy Law, MBA.

Amy Law, MBA

Amy Law currently oversees the KCI Health Economics, Reimbursement and Government Affairs Functions. As part of that responsibility she manages the KCI Reimbursement Education Hotline which is an educational resource for healthcare providers ...

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