COVID-19 Conversations: Neurosurgeons Discuss the Impact of COVID-19 in Italy and Baltimore

Longtime colleagues in the field of neurosurgery, Henry Brem, director of Johns Hopkins Department of Neurosurgery, and Alessandro Olivi, director of the Institute of Neurosurgery at Gemelli University Hospital in Rome, Italy, share their experiences and observations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. The two neurosurgeons highlight how their health care practices adapted to treating patients in the midst of the crisis, and also how they continued to collaborate, cross-train and learn from each other.

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Henry Brem, MD.

Henry Brem, MD

Director, Johns Hopkins Department of Neurosurgery

Henry Brem has developed new tools and techniques that have changed the field of neurosurgery. Dr. Brem carried out the pivotal clinical study that introduced navigational imaging into the neurosurgical suite.  His work led to the FDA's ...

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Alessandro Olivi, MD.

Alessandro Olivi, MD

Professor and Director of Neurosurgery, Catholic University of Rome
Chair of the Neurosurgery Institute, Agostino Gemelli Hospital

Olivi, a director of the Johns Hopkins brain tumor division and meningioma service, was born in Padova, Italy. He received his M.D. from the University of Padova Medical School in 1979 and completed an elective clerkship and clinical rotation ...

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