Part 2 of 4 - Meet the Minds - Detroit Stroke Conference 2018

Watch part 2 of Henry Ford Health System's 2nd Annual Detroit Stroke Conference. Bringing together some of the best minds in stroke and neurovascular medicine, you'll experience engaging Ted Talk-style presentations from 20 different thought leaders hand-selected and hosted by the Henry Ford Neuroscience Institute.

Featured Presentations:

Emergency Brain Imaging of Stroke
Horia Marin, M.D.

TPA: Expanding the Indications
Hebah Hefzy, M.D.

MR-Guided Thrombolysis for Wake-Up Strokes
Panayiotis Mitsias, M.D.

Mechanical Thrombectomy: The Latest Technology
Alex A. Chebl, M.D.

Thrombectomy Beyond 6 Hours: Lessons after DAWN
Max K. Kole, M.D.

Anesthesia During Thrombectomy: MAC vs GA?
Valerie L. Howell, D.O.